The easy way to own, send and invest

Candide is an Ethereum wallet build as a public good.
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Only you can access your assets. Not us. Not anyone else.

Own It

Own It

Really do. Protect your assets from banks and businesses going, well, out of business

Easy Recovery

Forget seedphrases. Easily recover your wallet with your designated guardians

The key to your digital future

In Your Pocket

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Open Access

All you need is a mobile phone and an internet connection
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Open Source Code

True Transparency to double down on community input and security
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Open Contributions

Build by its contributors and community members


Pay anyone, instantly

Send and receive assets anytime and anywhere. It`s cheap, and lightning-fast thanks to Optimism Layer 2 network


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Invest and Earn with as little as $1


Invest and Earn with as little as $1

Whether you're just getting started or already a pro, Candide makes it easy to earn and invest