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Create your Smart Account and unleash the true power of Account Abstraction

It's Open Source. It's built for the Ethereum Public Good

*IOS app on Testflight

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Be Sovereign

On-Chain Recovery

Forget Seedphrases. Recover your wallet with your designated Recovery Contacts

Decentralized Focused

Designed to be future censorship resistant and free from third party control with ERC-4337

One Click

Dapp with a Single Tap

Leveraging the power of Account Abstraction, bringing bundled calls in standardized way

Bundled Calls
Pay Network Fees with Stablecoins

Gas sponsorship

Pay Network Fees with Stablecoins

Save your ETH, and pay gas fees with supported ERC-20s

Coming up

Transaction Simulation

Know exactly what's going In and Out of your account before you approve transactions

Explore with Session Keys

Coming Soon

Explore with Session Keys

Give limited time based permissions. Use dapps without approving every action

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